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How to create a more relaxing bathroom

By Rebecca Saunders

There are various features of rental properties that tenants will weigh up before signing a lease and one that could be a real deal-breaker is the standard of the bathroom.

After all, it’s the place many people go to unwind at the end of a hectic day, so adding some little extras could be just what you need to secure those ideal tenants.

Take a look at these top tips to help your bathroom stand apart from the crowd and provide a real haven for your tenants.

Choose lighting wisely

One of the most effective ways of creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom is to choose ambient lighting. With so many options available, your main problem will be narrowing them down!

Spotlights are a great way of providing sufficient illumination without it being too overbearing. Another great idea is to invest in a dimmer switch, as this means the intensity of the lighting can easily be controlled.

Neutral shades make a difference

Not everyone wants a bathroom with lots of garish colour, so opt for neutral tones and you’ll appeal to most tastes.

This also helps create a feeling of tranquillity. Too many bright hues can make it more difficult to unwind – if your tenants can’t see themselves being able to relax, your property might move down their wish list.

Keep clutter at bay

While storage can be a great option in the bathroom, it’s important you make sure the space doesn’t become too cluttered.

Keep everything you need to hand within easy reach and think about storing other items elsewhere – renters will thank you for it!

Look down

Another feature of the bathroom that’s often overlooked is the choice of flooring. Garish lino can prove a real turn-off, so think about installing something a little more homely.

Remember that whatever flooring you decide on needs to be waterproof and durable. Ask at your local hardware store about what options are likely to be more practical for this purpose.

Choosing the right tub

There’s no point in having the most relaxing bathroom in town if the tub itself isn’t comfortable to lie in. Try different versions out and decide which is best.

You’ll also need to make sure it fits perfectly into your space so take measurements with you before parting with any cash.

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